About Us

The Ma Family has been serving traditional Vietnamese cuisine to Philadelphians for over two decades.  It started with a small deli on 16th and Washington, which opened in 1990 offering  banh mi  (Vietnamese hoagie) and café sua da (iced coffee).  After several years, the banh mi shop expanded to a dine-in restaurant, Viet Huong Café and Pho, named after their mom (Huong) and rightfully so because the dishes comprise of her secret recipes. 

Huong learned the fundamentals of cooking and techniques from her mom.  At an early age, Huong often helped her mom in the kitchen preparing meals for their large family.  That is where her passion for cooking originated.  Guided by natural talent refined through years of practice and experience, Huong shares her love for culinary arts through Viet Huong.       

The restaurant on 11th and Washington soon became a favorite place for a quick lunch, family dinner or take-out.  Viet Huong is known for its reasonably priced Vietnamese fare; some signature dishes include pork chop and rice, pho (beef noodle soup) and of course banh mi.

Since South Philadelphia was where the family set up roots, they wanted to remain in the area and pushed the geography eastward, choosing Pennsport for the location of Mekong River, their second restaurant.  A casual, clean, and family-oriented atmosphere as described by others.  The large menu, includes some favorites from Viet Huong in addition to new items, has something for everyone and is sure to please even the pickiest eater. 

The vision for Mekong River is simple – authentic food, comfortable environment, good service and reasonable prices. 

Eating out feels like home.